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Cellini Biz Laptop Backpack

This lightweight Cellini Biz backpack is a great travel accessory with fitted organizers and separate compartments to increase accessibility of items. The adjustable shoulder straps and back are ..

R685 R795


Cellini Infiniti Small Backpack

The Slim-line Backpack is a stylish, lightweight accessory always ready to grab and go. Feel inspired and in control when you travel with the iconic Infiniti Range. This exceptional collection which i..

R3675 R4495


Cellini Sidekick Carry On Duffle Bag

Enjoy the versatile dual functionality of this useful accessory which can be used as a backpack or converted into a cargo bag and is always ready for people on the move. The Cellini Sidekick range..

R1095 R1295


Cellini Woodbridge Backpack

This authentic leather Backpack is an all-time favourite with immense inner-compartment space to make travel a pleasure. Take whatever you need, wherever you go - effortlessly elegant and always i..

R4245 R4995

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